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Help request for Jithesh ( Technopark Employee ) for Heart surgery

Help request for Jithesh ( Technopark Employee ) for Heart surgery Mr Jithesh has been working in a company at Technopark, Trivandrum(2005 B tech, from GCE Kannur, aged 32 years, Blood Group B+) suffered with multiple cardiac arrest last week. Due to that heart cells are seriously damaged and surviving on life support equipment. Only possible relief is heart re-transplantation, Dr. Jose Chacko Periapuram consulted him at Lissie Hospital, EKM. Jithesh was working in a software company in Technopark, Trivandrum. He has aged parents and a young brother who just completed his LLB course. He is from a middle income family. Unfortunately his company didn't have health insurance. jithesh-jpg-image-470-246 He had his first heart attack happened in December 2015. The hospital where he was rushed first made delay and gave medicines related gas problems. The delay to diagnose the heart attack resulted in heavy damage of the nerve cells the heart. Since then he was under various treatment. He suffered second attack on first week of September 2016 in Lourde hospital. After initial treatments he was shifted to Lissie hosptial. The initial estimates for the surgery and first one year medication was 20 lakh. And his lifelong medicine will cost another 20 lakhs. His family met all the medical expenses till treatment for second heart attack which was around 12 Lakh. We college friends and his company staffs had pooled around 15 Lakhs for transplant surgery. The heart transplantation process is complex which needs lots of tests and approvals but everything went well and his requirement was put on queue in the very urgent list in "Mruthasanjeevini" organ transplant network. At this stage he suffered his third attack on 24th Sept Saturday evening. This third attack and subsequent surgeries unexpectedly increased total expense estimates and initially pooled fund is almost spent in last 3 days. His family is running out of cash now. We are short of funds for heart transplant surgery when a suitable donor is found in next few hours/days/weeks. It is totally unpredictable thing. ie we need another 7-10 lakh minimum for surgery and another 5-7Lakh if organ has to airlift immediately. We are contacting with govt agencies and air force in case airlift is needed. Almost 20 Lakhs has been spent already in last couple of months in various hospitals. If we didn’t get the suitable donor in the specified interval , we need to go for artificial heart surgery which costs 1 – 1.3 Crore rupees. This is beyond the financial capacity of the family and friends of Jithesh . So we need to go for a public fund raising. Hence I request you all to consider this case and contribute financially as much as you can at the earliest. Please see the request from Kerala Chief Minister Sri Pinarayi Vijayan and news came in different medias below We, Socio-Cultural Organisation of Technopark Employees Prathidhwani request everyone to be part of this by your small contributions. For more information, please contact Bimalraj ( Prathidhwani) – 8129455958 Aravind K R ( Prathidhwani ) - 9895026276 Jinesh : +91 9745746723 Valsalan : +91 9745804928 Please find the Bank Account Details for direct payment Account Name : JITHESH CHIKILSA SAHAYA NIDHI Bank Name : Canara Bank, Kureekkad Account No: 5654101001657 Bank Address : Kureekkad IFSC: CNRB0005654 Regards, Team Prathidhwani