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Improvement measures for in and around Technopark – Prathidhwani submitted request to Minister Sri Kadakampally Surendran


Improvement measures for in and around Technopark – Prathidhwani submitted request to Minister Sri Kadakampally Surendran and other people representatives Socio Cultural Organsation of Technopark Employees - Prathidhwani visited Sri Kadakapally Surendran ( Honorable mister for Electricity and Devaswom ) and submitted our suggestions on behalf of Technopark Employees for improvement of facilities in Technopark and In and around Technopark. Team Prathidhwani discussed each point with Minister and he said he will try to resolve all these and ensured that we can meet continuously to discuss the improvement.

Please see below the request we submitted : As Technopark is located in your constituency, we are sure you would do everything possible for making it a better place. We kindly request you to go through the below suggestions and take appropriate measures.

Women security: Security of the women employees in Technopark is of paramount importance, even more relevant, as the incidents of abuse and harassment from many sides towards the lady employees inside Technopark are increasing day by day and police is unable to find the culprits. We would request you to take necessary actions to appoint a main police aid post at the main gate. · We would like to have a dedicated lady police officer(s) in the aid post to whom the lady associates can file the complaints with confidence. · We would like to have a more prepaid auto counter in Kazhakoottam, Technopark Phase2, and Phase3 and in Kazhakoottam Railway station.

Ø Street lights: · We would like to have a permanent solution on the issue of street lights on the access roads to Technopark. · Need to ensure that the all the street lights are properly functioning and need to install CCTV cameras in all the main roads towards Technopark.

Ø Parking problems · Need to have parking options somewhere around Kazhakoottam (possibly near the upcoming bus Terminal). · Parking facility inside Park is one of the greatest issue. Increasing number of vehicle day by day is a real concern and need to find places and spaces to park the vehicle without destroying the nature.

Ø Travel and Traffic blocks · Traffic block at Sreekaryam junction is a main concern and it needs immediate attention to solve. Need to widen the Kazhakoottam-Sreekariyam-Ulloor NH, Kulathoor road including Technopark Back gate-Tripathapuram route. · Need to solve the parking issues and traffic problems at Kazhakoottam AJ Hospital Junction and at the Technopark main gate. · It would be great if we could extend the Thiruvananthapuram City Road Improvement Project up to Kazhakoottam. · Bye pass road maintenance is creating huge traffic block now a days. · Starting a new bus route, Padinghattumukku - Chittattimukku - Menakulam - Kazhakoottam – Technopark. · Due to the extraneous auto charges, we need special permission to restore Tech Express (special bus for Technopark employees) inside Technopark only (main gate - msquared-Nila - quest - Thejaswini - TCS - main gate). · Need immediate action in renovating the back gate road which has been not in good condition for long time.

Ø Priorities for Kazhakoottam Railway station · Need to emphasise the importance of Kazhakoottam Railway station as thousands of Techies solely rely on railway. · The name of the Kazhakoottam station has to be changed as Kazhakoottam Technopark. · Need to ensure basic amenities inside the platform and station. · Need to have a prepared Auto counter in Kazhakoottam Railway station since auto drivers are not willing to go nearby places. · We are attaching an exclusive request with necessary train names for stoppage at Kazhakkoottam Station.

Ø Proper Sewage treatment: · Waste management is not happening properly in Kazhakoottam area and so immediate attention is required to resolve the issue.

Ø Children's park: · There are no children's park or similar facilities for children in Technopark. Need to take actions to fulfil the dream.

Ø Model Road : · The “Karyavattom – Technopark back gate road“ to be widened and maintain the road as a model road. Karyavattom – Tecnopark back gate – Thrippadapuram – Arasummoodu – Kulathoor – Bypass Junction road to be widened.

Ø Drinking Water Availability : · Some housing colonies/areas near by Technopark (Thrippadapuram, Arasummoodu etc ) drinking water facility not available. We request you to have a necessary attention on drinking water issue. Yours Sincerely, Team Prathidhwani