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Financial Assistance required for Sunitha, Support staff of Technopark
Onam 2016 - Prathidhwani's 'Rice Bucket Challenge' @Technopark


Socio-Cultural Organisation of Technopark Employees - Prathidhwani is celebrating Onam 2016 with a campaign, ‘Rice bucket challenge’. Techies can be part of this campaign by accepting the challenge to deposit the rice packets of minimum 5kg in the bucket which is placed at the entrance of main buildings in Technopark like Nila, Bhavani, Thejaswini, Gayathri, Leela, Chandragiri, Pamba, Periyar, Amstor and Technopark Phase 3 and then challenge your friends. 

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Thanks for contributions to Athira’s (9) surgery, D/o Housekeeping staff in Technopark

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Request your help for Athira's(9) surgery D/o House keeping lady in Technopark

Dear All, Athira, 9 years old daughter of our housekeeping staff Manju at ThinkPalm Technologies Pvt Ltd, Thejaswini, Technopark, Trivandrum is suffering from a rare spine disorder from birth, which causes bending of her spine that affects movements of her legs. Two years back she had undergone a surgery on the cervix part of her spine and have recovered successfully. Further to it doctors have recommended a second stage surgery which is inevitable if not done she will face paralysis in future. The treatment will cost around 4 lakhs. Mrs.

Prathidhwani collecting “Chennai Flood Relief Fund” @ Technopark on 8th & 9th December 2015

Prathidhwani collecting “Chennai Flood Relief Fund” @ Technopark on 8th & 9th December 2015 As we are all aware from various communication medium , there has been a frightening flood situation in Chennai. Normal human life is disrupted and now the focus is on rehabilitation. Life has been tough and now Chennai needs to fight against epidemics and bring back life to normalcy. We, Socio-Cultural Organisation of Technopark Employees - Prathidhwani are committed to render our help at this hour of need.

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