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Hydroponics and scope of IOT in soil less farming

One of the biggest advantages of cultivating our own food is that we know what it contains. With the use of water, precise quantity of minerals, optimal environment and ideal conditions - all monitored and controlled using advanced IoT and smart sensors, we can make sure that what we produce is absolutely safe to consume.

Session Contents Includes the below:

1. History of hydroponics

2. Basics of hydroponics -advantages and disadvantages

3. Types of hydroponic system

4. Substrate medium for hydroponics

Covid'19 and Its impact on the industry - Prof. T. Jayaraman
Prathidhwani Technical Forum's Session on "Microservices architecture"
Prathidhwani Technical Forum's 23rd Session-Future of work in the era of Disruptive Technologies on Tuesday,18th Feburary @ Malabar Hall, Technopark
ടെക്‌നോപാര്‍ക്കില്‍ ജീവനക്കാര്‍ക്കായി പ്രതിധ്വനിയുടെ ജാവ ശില്പശാല നടന്നു

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Prathidhwani Technical forum's One day Session on Java [future is now]
As you know, Socio-Cultural & welfare Organistaion of IT Employees - Prathidhwani has always been at the forefront to enhance and explore the cultural, technical and social values of the IT community. Prathidhwani Technical Forum helps people in technology meet each other, collaborate on new opportunities and advance the state of the art. Owing to the latest trends common in the IT industry, We strives to acquaint and train the skilled technologists with the latest technologies and offerings of the IT world. Latest in the offering is the one day 
Angular JS workshop conducted for IT Employees in Technopark

The Technical Forum of Prathidhwani, the Organisation of IT Employees, Technopark, in association with Keraala Startup mission conducted a technical workshop in Angular-4 and TypeScript on Saturday, the 22nd of July. The one day workshop which saw the active participation of 172 technocrats from various companies within and outside Technopark was held at Travancore Hall, Technopark. The workshop commenced at 10:00 AM and continued till4.30 PM. Workshop was handled by Mr.

Prathidhwani's One day Docker Session - 4th March @Travancore Hall ,Technopark, Trivandrum

Prathidhwani has always been at the forefront to enhance and explore the cultural, technical and social values of the IT community. Latest in the offering is the one day session on Docker Container Technology.

Prathidhwani Invites You to GO Language workshop- Dec 10th Saturday 8:30AM - 4:30PM - Miles to GO

As you know, Prathidhwani has always been at the forefront to enhance and explore the cultural, technical and social values of the IT community.

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